china's leading manufacturer of optical products

zhejiang lante optics co., ltd was formerly known as jiaxing lante optics coating factory, founded in 1995. the company is located in honghe town, xiuzhou district, jiaxing city, in the center of shanghai and hangzhou. it covers an area of 120,000 square meters and a building area of 160,000 square meters. there are more than 800 employees.

company has successfully passed iso9001 quality system certification, iso14001 environmental system certification, automotive industry iatf16949 system certification and introduced 6s quality assurance system, and has been rated as a high-tech enterprise in zhejiang province for many times. the company mainly produces prisms, lenses,glass wafers, glass aspheric lenses, coatings and lens assembly, and has been involved in traditional optics, optoelectronic displays, photovoltaics, automobiles, lighting, optical communications, semiconductors, consumer electronics, medical, virtual/augmented reality and other fields the processing and manufacturing of optical products can be found in the core components of high-tech products such as telescopes, microscopes,mobile phone,ar/vr, digital cameras, security monitors, multimedia projectors, sights, image measuring equipment, and automobile interior and exterior decoration.

leader's speech

lante optics has been established for more than 20 years. relying on the spirit of all lante people's defiance of hardship and persistent pursuit, they have gone step by step to the present, and have initially formed the characteristics of the enterprise: focusing on the optical field and implementing differentiated competition.

the future is an era of resource integration and win-win cooperation. standardization and systematic construction are also particularly important to the survival and development of private enterprises. therefore, lante will not only adhere to the spirit of perseverance and dedication in the future, but also gradually establish standardization and systemization suitable for the enterprise, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise, increase employee income, and increase enterprise efficiency.

"responsibility, innovation, mutual respect, sharing" is our eternal pursuit. in the future development, we will uphold the philosophy of honest operation, standardized operation and people-oriented. integrate social responsibility into the company's development strategy, strive to practice social responsibility, and return to society with better results.

leader's speech

company culture

responsibility, innovation, mutual respect, sharing

to make achievements in optical production with innovation & flexibility

enterprise history

  • 2009

    in 2009, company's scientific research project "high-power concentrating solar prism project" was listed as the jiaxing city information industry project.

  • 2008

    in 2008, it was rated as a national key support high-tech enterprise, and at the same time recognized as a high-tech enterprise in zhejiang province, and established the "lanter optics element provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center"

  • 2007

    in 2007, company successfully entered the automotive industry with high-quality optical mirrors.

  • 2004

    in 2004, company's "biehan roof prism" project was certified by the torch center of the ministry of science and technology.

  • 2003

    in 2003, jiaxing lante optics co., ltd. was established

  • 1998

    in 1998, introduced a prism production line to produce various optical prisms.

  • 1995

    in 1995, the "jiaxing lante optics coating factory" was established.

  • 2019

    in 2019, company began to lay out the production of optical components used in high-magnification zoom lenses for smart phones, optical communications and other fields.

  • 2018

    in 2018, glass aspheric lens products began to deploy lasers, lidar and other application fields.

  • 2017

    in 2017, high-precision molded glass aspheric lens products entered the field of automotive lens.

    company established "zhejiang lante high precision optics component research institute"

  • 2016

    in 2016,  "construction project of annual production of 11.25 million pieces of precision molded aspherical glass optical components" was selected as the industrial strong foundation project of the ministry of industry and information technology of the people's republic of china.

  • 2015

    in 2015, company passed the supplier audit of world-renowned mobile phone manufacturers and successfully entered the consumer electronics market such as mobile phones.

  • 2014

    in 2014, company's glass aspheric molded products were trial-produced in small batches, and the optical lens production line was successfully established.

  • 2013

    in 2013, company's "automotive rear-view side-view wide view special-shaped mirror group" project was included in the national torch program industrialization demonstration project.

  • 2012

    in 2012, company entered the stage of r&d and trial production of glass aspheric surfaces.

  • 2011

    in 2011, the shareholding system was reformed and the name was changed to "zhejiang lante optics co., ltd."

  • 2010

    in 2010, it passed the ts16949 automotive quality management system certification.